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Second ‘May’ Celebration – it’s National Smile Month!

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So…new fact about May, it’s National Smile Month! Does that mean I’m going to show endless pictures of LOL cats or other bizarre things that seem to make most people smile? Not exactly…we’re talking about your actual smile. Your teeth, specifically. How often do you care for your teeth? Have you always longed for those pearly whites? Well, read this post and join in the cause! If you have any further dental tips, or interesting ‘smile’ stories that you’d like to share, feel free to comment or share on Twitter @gbpubcard. We’d love to hear them.

National Smile Month is the largest health campaign in the UK and it has been running for the longest! It promotes three important tips:

1) Limit your sugar
2) Brush twice a day
3) Make regular visits to your dentist (yes, I know this one can be pretty painful but, dentist phobic or not, it’s fairly important)

This blog is specifically going to focus on how we reduce sugar intake. The other two points are rather self explanatory! So what foods are actually worst in sugar? What foods contain little sugar? Interestingly enough, as much as we promote the benefits, even fruit contains sugar…although this is ‘natural’ sugar, it still encourages the bacteria that cause tooth decay. I’ve done a little handy research, and I list below a list of foods that are good for your teeth and those that are believed to be harmful.

Harmful foods/drinks

1) Actual sugar. As in, the sort you have in your tea and coffee. If you can’t drink it without sugar, can you cut down on these beverages? Or perhaps you can add less sugar?
2) Potato chips.
3) Sticky foods such as dry fruit.
4) Most carbonated drinks – even diet soda!
5) Sports drinks – sugar is the top ingredient to give our athletes the edge, which is not necessarily a good thing long term.
6) Chocolate.
7) Caramel.
8) Pickles.
9) Vinegar.

Good foods/drinks

1) Water
2) Cheese
3) Milk
4) Plain Yogurt
5) Sugarless chewing gum
6) Dehydrated soup
7) Leafy vegetables

That being said, you don’t need to ‘wipe out all things sugary,’ because you still need to ensure a healthy diet! Just go for alternatives ie. side salad. Great British Pubcard is a fab gift, because all our pubs that we are in partnership with are exceedingly flexible and health conscious. I am quite sure they are capable of catering for all dietary needs. I also include a link below to some events that are hosted in the name of ‘National Smile Month’ if you are interested:
I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and I’d be interested to hear your feedback, or any ‘National Smile Month’ success stories.

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