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Our second May event

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After the wondrous adventure provided by the Tour de Yorkshire, we’re not finished with the cycling quite yet! May fact #2: May is National Bike Month.

Just to give a bit of background, National Bike Month is a fab incentive to get people riding on their bike where possible. It’s an especially delightful idea when you consider how much this could help to reduce pollution and ease congestion. The incentive was established in 1956 and it is supported by the League of American Bicyclists. This week in particular is very important in the scheme of things, as 11th – 15th May is ‘National Bike Week.’

So, I’ve introduced you to our new craze….let’s make it happen, folks. I’ve listed below some of the benefits of using your bike more often, as opposed to other modes of transport.

1) Perhaps most importantly, you don’t have the dread of a cold engine. With cars, they might not start up the first time. On a bike, you are effectively your own engine.

2) Petrol. Diesel. Fuel. It all costs money and it also takes time out your day to fill up!

3) If you walk, clearly, biking is more efficient in terms of speed.

4) Do your part for the community and the environment – a little goes a long way.

5) Enjoyment. Maybe you’d like to explore the scenery. Maybe you enjoy the freedom.

6) Key benefit: HEALTH. Cycling means you don’t need to necessarily hit the gym. It’s cheap, easy to do and actually burns quite a lot of calories!

Convinced? Take a look at the following website, which provides ideas of how you can really engage and get involved in National Bike Month:


One last point I’d like to mention. If you know someone who is a keen and avid cyclist, or someone else who may want to join, why not give them a nudge in the right direction? Treat them to an Sports Direct gift card perhaps, by visiting: http://www.svmeurope.co.uk/. A Sports Direct gift card is also perfect for employee motivation – it offers your people choice and variety, and caters for their health and the environment. Excellent!! Thank you for reading.

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