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How do you really make sure that your business will thrive in the long term?

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This is not a post dedicated to May. It is dedicated to a subject very close to the heart. Employee engagement. So listen up if you own a business! Engagement is the heart of any successful, thriving enterprise, since your people are your greatest asset. Your people can contribute fresh ideas and perspective and have the power to implement life changing innovation. But the big question is: how do we engage employees? A broad query, with many possible answers. The following is a short list of suggestions for truly motivating your people:

1) Firstly, it is important to believe that your people are not simply names on a wage slip or a business tool/asset. They are people. All of us are exactly the same, with uniform basic needs. We want to feel valued and we want our work to be appreciated. Take some time to really get to know your employees. Devise surveys to find out what they like/dislike about the business and find out what motivates them most. Where do they like to shop? Where do they like to eat? Giving them tailored gift cards suited to their tastes can act as a great incentive. SVM Europe provide a great service in this respect, so perhaps you might like to take a look at: http://www.svmeurope.co.uk/.

2) Be present! This is important. As David MacLeod points out in the famous ‘MacLeod report’ (link: http://www.engageforsuccess.org/ideas-tools/employee-engagement-the-macleod-report/#.VWRYUM9Viko), you must not be viewed as the manager who ‘sits in an ivory tower all day sending emails.’ This will drive a barrier between you and your staff and will portray a negative image. Staff may start to assume that you do not care for their wellbeing and you are not interested in their development and the progression of the business.

3) Don’t be afraid to recognise and reward good work on the spot! Even praise emails for the minor efforts of your team or personal messages can be deeply appreciated by your staff.

4) The last point for today is: provide learning and development opportunities for your staff and give them real responsibility! After all, you may find that they thrive and relish on a challenge. Most people take pride in their job if they are trusted, and this only drives them to want to excel even more.

Stay tuned for more tips, which will be posted every so often!

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